Project development


Between the 12th of July 2017 and the 31th of December 2017, the members of the project team investigated the topic “Brentano – Come– Mill: the Theory of the Stages of Thought”.

In this respect, the research team focused on the study and translation of the three authors, and their translations will be published in the volume Brentano – Comte – Mill: the Idea of Philosophy as Science. Therefore, the research tasks were assigned as follows:

  1. D. Ion Tănăsescu, project manager, investigated the topic “The Relation between Brentano’s Theory of the four Phases of Philosophy and Comte’s Theory of the three Stages”, wrote the study “Die Phasentheorie: Franz Brentano und Auguste Comte”, forthcoming in Brentanos frühe Publikationen (1862 – 1874). Seine Quellen und die Entwicklung seiner philosophischen Positionen, Wilhelm Baumgarnter & Klaus Hedwig (eds.), J. H. Röll Verlag, Dettelbach, pp. 335-366, volume dedicated to the commemoration of 100 years since Brentano’s death, and participated with the lecture “Brentano’s vierte Habilitationsthese und die Idee der Psychologie als Wissenschaft” in the international conference “Die Philosophie Franz Brentanos” (University of Graz, 5th-7th of October 2017).
  2. Professor Ph.D. Constantin Stoenescu (1/2) investigated the topic “The Idea of Methodological Monism in XIXth Century Epistemology”, translated in collaboration with dr. Andreea Eşanu the first part from Mill’s work Auguste Comte and Positivism (1865), and participated with the lecture “On the Impact of Mill’s Logic on Maiorescu’s Logic” in the national conference “Titu Maiorescu in Contemporary Culture” (24th of November 2017, Faculty of Philosophy, The Center of Researches in the History of Philosophical Ideas, University of Bucharest).
  3. D. Andreea Eşanu investigated the topic “Mill as Critic of Comte”, and translated in collaboration with Constantin Stoenescu the first part from Mill’s work Auguste Comte and Positivism (1865).
  4. D. Oana Vasilescu investigated the topic “The Idea of Decline and Corruption of the Theoretical Interest in Auguste Comte’s Cours de philosophie positive”, translated the first two lessons from Auguste Comte’s Cours de philosophie positive, investigated the topic and began writing a study on the relation between Comte’s theory of the three stages and Brentano.
  5. D. Alexandru Bejinariu (1/2), team member since September 2017, translated two of Brentano’s significant pieces on Auguste Comte and the way in which Brentano understood the philosophy of his time.
  6. D. Student Iulian Apostolescu investigated the topic “Husserl’s Critique of Brentanian Psychology in the Appendix to the Logical Investigations and the Fifth Logical Investigation”.

The members of the project team had weekly meetings that were focused on discussing both their translations and some significant chapters from the first book of Brentano’s Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint.

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